About the Novel

The Perfidious Mister Wickham explores the life and times of that most notorious of Regency blackguards, and in so doing, reveals something of his misadventures before arriving in Meryton, his entanglement with Lydia Bennet in Brighton, and most importantly, what happened after he left Longbourn enroute to Newcastle for the Army posting he had received from none other than his longtime nemesis, Mister Darcy.

The novel is very much a work in progress; it’s about half-way complete as I write this. I have in mind to harness the power of the internet and crowdfunding to reintroduce the serial novel, an art form much favored by Charles Dickens which has since fallen out of favor.

Thus, I plan to give you, the reader, a new chapter each week, and if you enjoy the story, you’ll be welcome to make a donation through PayPal, or better yet, my Kickstarter project to support the work (and score autographed copies, e-books, etc.) or you can simply enjoy it for free online!

At the end of the tale (probably in late November) the work will be published in e-book, paperback, and a limited-edition hardcover, and an assortment of free copies will go out to all the wonderful donors who will have made the publication possible.


  1. This project sounds really interesting. I'm editing a collection at the moment on GLOBAL JANE AUSTEN (Palgrave, 2013), and would love to publish an interview with you about the project. If you're interested, pls send me an email at l_rawjalaurence@yahoo.com.

  2. This sounds like a very interesting read. Can't wait!