Chapter Thirty-Six

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Greetings, dear Reader... Today, I'd like to take a moment to observe that even such ridiculous figures as that obsequious little toad, Mr. Collins, found a patroness to support him in his follies - and it's poetic justice that he found it in the stern figure of Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

But you, my friend, while decidedly more attractive in person and personality than Lady Catherine can, for as tiny a sum as $1.00, become a patron of my historiographer, and through your generous assistance enable him to bring my memoirs to light more swiftly than might otherwise be possible. And patronage has its perquisites! Everything from free books to your own name in print - why, it's the next best thing to being the heir to Rosings!

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Best regards,
G. Wickham

Lord Castlereagh's favorite weapon? The Sword of Damocles... The Chief Secretary for Ireland gives your humble correspondent the Devil's own choice... Damn his eyes!

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